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Joshua Littlejohn is a Canadian entrepreneur, marketer and writer, as well as the founder and chief executive officer of Norgress, an Edmonton-based digital media and information technology company.

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Joshua has dedicated his professional life to helping businesses increase productivity, connect with their customers and reduce operational costs.

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In January of 2017, Joshua created Norgress. The company uses technology-based solutions to assist companies with system support, customer service, communications and development.

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Get Ready World is a non-profit project dedicated to supporting organizations that encourage people to get involved, be creative and advance values that contribute to a prosperous society.

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The Marketing Fallacy

In his new book, Joshua borrows from his own story of starting his small business using a $500 savings withdrawal and structuring it to seem larger than it was. Through that, Joshua worked with top clients, including Fortune 500 companies, established an impressive professional network and earned a solid stream of income — all while still in college.

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The Marketing Fallacy by Joshua Littlejohn
Joshua Littlejohn


Joshua Littlejohn
Joshua Littlejohn
Joshua Littlejohn
Joshua Littlejohn
Joshua Littlejohn

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