My name is Josh Littlejohn. Yes, that’s my real last name and no, I will not show you my I.D. to prove it. If you’re guessing that means someone actually asked that of me, you’d be correct. You may be shocked to know its happened to me more than once.

I love: Jesus, Sara, tennis, coffee, the world, pop-culture, news, words, writing, talking, mountains, traveling, non-American food, and being cold when I sleep.

I hate: spiders, spiders, spiders, spiders, and spiders. I also hate: flat soda, un-salted potatoes of any kind, ignorance by choice, mouth noises when people eat and sleep, and being hot when I’m trying to sleep.

I have been featured on other blogs, all of which have been created, designed, and written by myself. My most proud life accomplishments thus far are: completing a degree in Communication at Appalachian State University, finishing second in a doubles tennis tournament, riding in a 35 mile bike ride, my 2nd grade poetry project, and landing the most beautiful woman in the world to be my wife.

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